4 reasons for your best choice of learning Japanese:



This is the most advanced and most effective language mode.

(Otherwise ,do you think word plus grammar equals master Japanese?)

So obviously, learning Japanese in the way of learning maths is not a good way as it can not help you learn well.

Sir, let the Japanese teachers who don’t know English provide you with one-to-one and face-to-face online teaching.

Fasten the safe belt and experience the dramatical improvement of learning Japanese.


50 min—we learn this from scientific study and this is the best timespan for people to concentrate his attention.

If over the time span, the efficiency of thinking will dramatically fall down.

Thus, we fix the span of class hour as 50 min.


Now, you can simply click your fingers by Edushion and you can get ready to start the class.


You can make an appointment by yourself and choose the favourite teacher.

After collecting and storing up, you can make an direct appointment.

You can also learn the Edushion’s special rank-rising system from primary level to the master level—totally 16 levels—to ensure your study effect.

You can also challenge the rank-rising and study the contents of JLPT exam, or you can discuss your favourite Manga according to your interest.

In Edushion, if learning Japanese, all up to you.



Online languages learning, only 3 steps:



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